Our Mission Statement

At Generation Painting, Inc. we are here to help each home or business come alive, to bring a long lasting experience and finish off with quality work for many generations to come.

Our Company Vision

Our goal is to create a lasting and genuine relationships with each customer. We strive to do this by helping each home and business come alive, by providing nothing but the highest quality of painting for generations to come (that’s our standard), allowing us to embrace any project, no matter size or complexity, and making us the most reliable, trustworthy, honest, award-winning painting company in the greater Lake County/Lake Zurich Area and nearby surrounding towns. We promise to always maintain our high standards to give you the absolute best. And as each employee or contractor works with us, they get better by working on themselves on individual basis and going back to their family and living it out so they can pour into their children to be risen into a better next generation. 

Our Values

Quality - What we do, we do well, we do with years of training, gaining knowledge on the best practices, ways & procedures we have learned over the years and live up to and deliver it. It’s our standard. What we do, we do with blood, sweat and tears.

Transparency - We are open, honest, and straightforward with all our customers and employees or contractors. When something is wrong, we will not hide it or run or blame. Instead we will be upfront, honest and fix it. We will not leave till we have satisfied each customer and hold ourselves to that standard.

Customer Loyalty/Service - Giving a ongoing positive relationship with each customer while providing an excellent experience to a job or service. In return we shall keep the customer for a life time with many repeat business opportunities and plenty of earned referrals from them.

Accountability - Taking responsibility for all actions and decisions both in team and personal projects

Teamwork - Team work makes the dream work. It takes a big team to pull off a bring dream. We each have and play a role in Generation Painting, when all put together there’s no the limit on how successful Generation Painting can and will get. 

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