‚ÄčAnybody can write ANY company a very wonderful detailed review on their experience. How do you really know if it's real or not. We truly can't and normally don't know if its really true. Generation Painting takes it a step further and encourages all customers if they are willing to include a video review uncut with no scripts. Real Video Review's "DON'T LIE" 

The owner Brian mentions that "uncut real testimonies are the best ones that become powerful and what potential customers want to see in todays world". They are full hearted and it does take courage to take part in these so a HUGE Thanks TO all who have participated. Look below.

Generation Painting, Inc. Video Reviews

Irman W. - Barrington, IL

Exterior work, replacement of siding, painting and using solid stain "Woodscapes"

Doug R. - Barrington, IL

Exterior work, replacement of siding, painting and using solid stain "Woodscapes"

Angela M. - Hawthorn Woods, IL

Interior Staircase Refinishing job. Along with some trim touch ups

Cathy O. - Lake Zurich, IL

Back Yard Deck & Interior Master Bedroom refresh and updated with some installs of new crow and base/trim while painting it all.

Gail S. - Lake Zurich, IL

Both completed Interior & Exterior work. 

Claire & Greg S. - Lake Zurich, IL

Ripped out old carpet and installed new vinyl flooring

Virgina J. - Hawthorn Woods, IL

Full Interior make over - Kitchen Cabinets & all vanities primed and sprayed, and all rooms ceiling to floor refreshed with new paint. 

Kelly B. - Lake Zurich, IL

Interior make over, new trim and base install with new paint colors

Kristin B. - Lake Zurich, IL

Kitchen Cabinet refinish job plus painting of all trim and base thru out the first floor

Luke M. - Highland Park, IL

Complete refresh of a commercial building exterior

Dan D. - Cary, IL

Kitchen Cabinet painting

Steven P. - Inverness, IL

Kitchen Cabinet, Staircase plus entire interior painting job

Kim R. - Hawthorn Woods, IL

Full Exterior paint job with Rejuvenate (a Sherwin Williams product)

Janice G. - Lake Zurich, IL

Full Exterior Paint Job

Barney F. - Carpentersville, IL

Kitchen Cabinet + entire interior painting job

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